Project Accounting

Job Information

Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the construction and management of project financial system, strictly implement financial management system, organize project accounting and financial management, accurately complete all financial statements, objectively and truly reflect the financial situation of the project; timely and accurately handle the accounting business of the project, and review its legitimacy and rationality.

2、Responsible for the overall tax management of the project, timely handling of tax matters related to the project and reasonable tax payment. At the same time, it is responsible for coordinating the financial work of departments or units such as headquarters, banks, taxation, owners, subcontracting, etc.

3、Responsible for project contract management (fund aspect), filing and sorting out project construction, material procurement contract, supervising and inspecting project advance payment, material payment, etc., to ensure that funds are paid within the allowable scope of the contract. Supervise the formulation and implementation of capital plans, control financial risks, make ends meet and balance revenue and expenditure.

4、Complete all kinds of financial analysis reports of each sub-project and the whole project in time.

5、After the completion of the project, cooperate with the constructors and project managers to properly handle various economic business, cooperate with the settlement of project funds, and ensure the reasonable payment of funds.

6、Other temporary assignments.


1、Limited ***, college degree or above, intermediate title, excellent ability can be relaxed to the junior title.

2、More than 5 years working experience, general taxpayer working experience, construction or municipal project financial work experience.

3、Familiar with Kingdee financial software.

4、Do things steadfastly, not impetuous, mature and steady, work with a smile, have good personal qualities.

5、Good communication skills, coordination skills, teamwork skills, strong sense of service.

Functional Category: Accounting Manager/Accounting Supervisor