Wengyuan County PPP Model Promoting Sewage Treatment Facilities Project

This project is located in wengyuan county, shaoguan city, guangdong province. The implementation place is wengyuan county and its subordinate towns and villages.

Main construction contents:

(1)County pipe network upgrading: the collection pipe network in luokeng water area of wengyuan county is 3.2km;

(2)Township pipe network improvement: the existing sewage plant in jiangwei town and weng town has an additional pipe network of about 5.85km;

(3)Newly added treatment plants and pipe network in the township: 4 sewage treatment plants/stations in 4 towns (ba zai town, zhou bei town, xin jiang town and guandu town), with a treatment scale of 7000m3 /d, and the supporting pipe network is about 21.98km in total;

(4)Rural sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe network: there are 318 rural domestic sewage treatment facilities in the county, with a treatment scale of about 15030m cubed /d. The supporting pipe network is 305.16km in total, serving a population of 156,700.