Chairman Message

16 years of trials and hardships, thank you and dongri environmental protection along the way.

As the founder of dongri environmental protection co., LTD., I believe that we shall never forget our original intention, forge ahead with perseverance, and make solid progress through thick and thin. Dongri environmental protection keeps pace with The Times. After two reforms, it now focuses on "3+1" business, namely municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, river ecological restoration and treatment, and research and development and production of standard integrated environmental protection equipment.

Nowadays the market is changing rapidly and the competition is increasingly fierce. The value of an enterprise lies not only in its profit, output value and scale, but also in how much it influences and changes the world and how many people it has accomplished. Dongri environmental protection has a full set of environmental protection qualifications in design, construction and operation, and has a professional and stable excellent team in design, research and development, marketing and other fields.

In the future, dongri environmental protection will take the product as the strategic carrier, take the profession good faith and the speed to win as two magic weapons, devotes itself to the water environment comprehensive management brand construction, the achievement dongri environmental protection greater magnificence, will make the lasting contribution for the Chinese environmental protection enterprise.