Project Introduction

The project is located in Xinsha Industrial Zone, Shatousha District, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The original sewage treatment station has insufficient capacity and needs to be expanded. Sources of wastewater: mainly from the ultrasonic cleaning machine, flat mill. After treatment, the reused water reaches the tap water standard and then is supplied to the pure water machine to form ultra-pure water for the workshop to use. The discharge water quality meets the relevant national standards.

Project Background:

The existing sewage treatment station in the enterprise has insufficient treatment capacity and needs to be expanded. Specific requirements are as follows:

1)The daily amount of ultrasonic cleaning wastewater is 360 tons

2)The total amount of washing water per day is 20 tons

3)Smooth grinding, sweeping water daily total of 300 tons

4)Net washing and removing 40 tons of ink per day

5)The total recovery rate of recycled water is over 78%. After the quality of recycled water reaches the standard of tap water, it is supplied to the workshop after the pure water machine is made into ultra-pure water

6)Wastewater Discharge Standards for Production: The second-stage first-class standard in the discharge limits of water pollutants in Guangdong Province and the more stringent one in class IV (GB3838-2002) water quality