Fuping County Gongli Town East Sewage Treatment Station Project

Project Brief

The project is located in Gongli Town, Fuping County, Shaanxi Province

Raw water type:domestic sewage


Fuping County is the hometown of Xi Jinping, the current general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the president of the state and the chairman of the Central Military Commission, and former Vice-Premier of the State Council, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Fifth and Seventh National People's Congresses, and hometown of Xi Zhongxun, a great proletarian revolutionary leader. Gongli Town is located 10 kilometers north of Fuping County. It was named after the lower palace of Li Xianding Mausoleum in the middle of Tang Dynasty. The annual average temperature is 8.9-12.3 C, rising by 100 meters, and decreasing by 0.59 C. The characteristics of temperature are: cold in winter, hot in summer, rapid warming in spring, rapid cooling in autumn, large diurnal temperature difference and large diurnal temperature difference.

The project collects and treats the daily domestic sewage discharged by villagers within the relevant scope. After the implementation of the project, the domestic sewage generated by villagers is treated uniformly after collection, which changes the situation of random dumping and direct discharging in the past, greatly reduces the total amount of pollutants discharged into the environment, and makes the receiving ditch from the stinky ditch to the clean water river, and improves the living environment of villagers as a whole.