To highlight!Key words on environmental protection and ecology in the premier's government work report!

Chinese premier li keqiang delivers a government work report at the opening of the second session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing, capital of China, March 5, 2018.The report mentions the following key information about environmental protection and ecology.

continue to promote pollution prevention and control

This year, we will cut sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by 3%, and continue to reduce the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in key areas.

We will continue to fight air pollution in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and its surrounding areas, the Yangtze river delta, and the fen and wei plains.We will do a good job in cleaning and heating the northern areas to ensure that the people stay warm through the winter.

We will step up efforts to prevent and control water and soil pollution, and cut chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen emissions by 2% this year.We will speed up the treatment of black and foul water, and promote comprehensive improvement of key river basins and coastal waters.We will strengthen the separate disposal of solid waste and urban garbage.

We will strengthen the green environmental protection industry

We will accelerate the upgrading of the thermal power and steel industries to achieve ultra-low emissions, and implement the upgrading of heavy polluting industries to meet emission standards.

We will move forward with cleaner use of coal, and move faster to resolve the problems of wind, light, and hydropower consumption.

We will strengthen urban sewage networks and treatment facilities.

We will strengthen conservation and restoration of ecosystems

We will carry out pilot projects to protect and restore the ecosystems of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, and continue to do a good job in greening the country, preventing and controlling desertification, controlling soil erosion, and protecting biodiversity.

We will deepen reform of the national park system.

 【Steady progress was made in rural development

We will accelerate the implementation of the project to consolidate and improve drinking water safety in rural areas. This year and next year, we will ensure the safety of drinking water for those who have difficulty in obtaining it, and provide more water to 60 million rural residents.

We will improve rural living conditions in light of local conditions, promote the toilet revolution, treat garbage and sewage, and build beautiful rural areas.

Protecting the Marine environment

The development of the Yangtze river economic belt needs to be coordinated between the upper, middle and lower reaches of the river, and efforts should be made to strengthen ecological protection and restoration, build a comprehensive transport system, and build a high-quality economic belt for development.We will support economic transformation in resource-based areas.We will accelerate efforts to strengthen development weaknesses in old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas, and poor areas.We will vigorously develop the blue economy, protect the Marine environment, and build China into a maritime power.

Efforts will be made to ease the difficulty and high cost of financing for enterprises

Efforts will be made to ease the difficulty and high cost of financing for enterprises.We will reform and improve the mechanism for the supply of money and credit, use quantitative and pricing tools such as the required reserve ratio and interest rates when appropriate, and guide financial institutions to increase the supply of credit, reduce the cost of loans, and provide accurate and effective support to the real economy.We increased targeted RRR cuts for small and medium-sized Banks, and all the funds released were used for loans to private enterprises and small and micro businesses.We will support large commercial Banks in replenishing capital through multiple channels, increase their ability to provide credit, and encourage more medium - and long-term loans and credit loans to the manufacturing sector.Loans to small and micro businesses by large state-owned commercial Banks will increase by more than 30 percent this year.Clean up and standardize banking and intermediary service fees.We will improve the internal evaluation mechanism of financial institutions, encourage and strengthen inclusive financial services, and significantly improve the financing constraints of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises, and significantly reduce their comprehensive financing costs.

In addition to these "events" are mentioned in the report, the ecological environment minister li ganjie in the first two sessions "minister channel" interview, stressing the need to focus on playing well seven trademark battle, namely: the blue sky battle, diesel truck pollution control to be completed, protection and restoration of the Yangtze river to be completed, the bohai sea comprehensive treatment to be completed, the urban black smelly water governance to be completed, water source protection to be completed, agricultural rural pollution control to be completed.