Dongri Environmental Protection Year-end Feast -- 2018 Annual Commendation And 2019 Spring Festival Gala

Success comes with hardships, joy comes with sweat.In 2018, we have achieved a lot!In 2019, we set sail!At 6 PM on January 16, 2019, dongnii environmental protection 2018 annual commendation and 2019 Spring Festival gala kicked off with the amazing appearance of the two hosts.All the employees, employees' families, shareholders, customers, suppliers, etc. of Dongri environmental protection company were present at the grand scene, and the air was filled with laughter.

First of all, Mr. Yuan jiang, chairman of Dongri environmental protection company, gave a speech.


The picture shows chairman yuan jiang's annual work summary in 2018 and work plan in 2019

The chairman said 2018 was a milestone year for Dongri environmental protection company.In this year, the national economic situation is complex and changeable, and the market environment is competitive.In such an environment, all the staff of Dongri environmental protection company work hard to improve customer service satisfaction as the primary goal, take technological innovation and market development as the focus, seize market opportunities and calmly respond to risks and challenges, and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and steady development of the company.

In this year, the scale of environmental protection production in dong-japan doubled, and the sales performance doubled through direct government procurement, EPC project general contracting, PPP projects and other business models.The company has entered the stage of rapid development and its economic strength has been greatly enhanced.

In this year, Dongrii environmental protection qualification was successfully extended, and the relationship between government and enterprise, bank and enterprise and the same industry was developing well, which laid a solid foundation for the company's further development.

In this year, Dongri environmental protection "3+1" business model achieved remarkable results. The company won the bidding for the in situ restoration project of water ecology in the upper reaches of dasha river in humen town, dongguan city, and started a comprehensive river pollution control project integrating design and construction.Meanwhile, great progress has been made in landfill management and site restoration, and the business system has been extended strategically.

The chairman said that achievements can only explain the past.The market environment is changing rapidly. In 2019, dongji environmental protection should not slack off at all times.In 2019, Dongri environmental protection's sales performance is still an important part of the company's operation, and it needs to achieve new leap-forward and geometric multiplication of revenue.

In 2019, Dongri environmental protection will continue to move towards its new goal.Finally, I wish you a happy New Year, good health, smooth work and a happy family.

After chairman yuan jiang's speech, the company commended the departments and individuals who performed well in 2018.


The Picture shows Ouyang Yan, fnancial director of the host (left), and Wang Shangzhi, director of the general affairs office (right) reading the program process


The picture shows Xie Xinzheng, deputy general manager of the production center (top) read out the list of commendations and gave a speech on behalf of municipal director Zhang Wei (bottom)

In 2018, all employees will work hard and hard, and a number of advanced units and individuals will emerge.The production center was rated as "Advanced Team", municipal director zhang wei was awarded "Outstanding Contribution Award", financial director ouyang yan and engineering director zhao Asia were awarded "Excellent Manager Award", and a total of 16 people were commended.Encourage all staff to take the advanced as an example, in the New Year, pragmatic innovation, pioneering and enterprising, to make positive contributions to dong-ri environmental protection construction to a new level.

Honor is everyone's, only the sweat of tears, unremitting efforts, to create glory.The down-to-earth acceptance speech also inspired everyone's morale. In 2019, all the staff of dongri environmental protection will work hard to contribute to the development of the company.


The picture shows excellent staff representatives and presenters (chairman Yuan Jiang - top left right one, deputy general manager Xu Feng of marketing center - top right right one, deputy general manager Xie Xinzheng of production center - bottom left left one)


This party has many prizes, many lucky, there are several rounds of red envelope grab link, the party site enthusiasm.


In the spirit of self-entertainment, the evening is a variety of programs written and directed by the staff, including solo, duet, male and female vocal chorus, guitar, stand-up comedy and storytelling guan kou.


The picture shows the whole cast singing "Tomorrow Will Be Better"

The evening ended with "Tomorrow Will Be Better."Looking forward to the new 2019, we are full of fighting spirit and passion, so let us make great strides together.In a hopeful 2019, we are moving forward to a better tomorrow.