Shenzhen Huishang Fengyun 40th Anniversary Celebration Dongri Environmental Protection Won The 2018 Annual Outstanding Enterprise Award

    On January 19, 2019, at 3:00 PM, BBS & award ceremony of shenzhen fengyun huizhou merchants for 40 years with the theme of "Fengyun Hui Merchants, Gather Strength And Move Forward" was held in sheraton greater China hotel, shenzhen.This event is co-sponsored by anhui provincial government office in guangdong, anhui provincial government policy research center, anhui daily press group and shenzhen anhui chamber of commerce.Anhui provincial and municipal leaders, shenzhen leaders, in the deep anhui social elite from all walks of life, credibility and comprehensive strength of well-known entrepreneurs, celebrities and invited media friends and nearly one thousand people to attend the ceremony, is a high standard, high quality, heavy effect of the exchange conference!Dongri environmental protection as one of the award-winning enterprises, was invited to attend.


The Picture Shows The Scene Of The Celebration

    Huizhou merchants are one of the oldest business associations in Chinese history. They are fused with the ancient Hui culture. They are the tide-makers who lead the innovative era. Huizhou businessmen are a powerful force among many businessmen, with many representatives, such as Wang Shi of Vanke, Wang Chuanfu of BYD, Wang Wenyin of Zhengwei Group, Yu Chengdong of Huawei Group, Xu Sheng of Haowei Group, etc. They operate in various fields such as science and technology, real estate, finance, medicine and so on.


The Picture Shows Dongri Environmental Protection Chairman Yuan Jiang And Shenzhen Anhui Chamber Of Commerce President Xu Sheng Group Photo

    The Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen further unites and condenses Anhui entrepreneurs in Shenzhen with the purpose of "promoting culture, condensing local conditions and promoting development together" and the 12-word policy of "inheritance, development, inclusiveness, unity, cohesion and co-prosperity", so as to promote the vigorous development of the cause of all entrepreneurs in Shenzhen. In order to better promote business and trade exchanges between Shenzhen and Anhui and serve local investment departments at all levels in Anhui, the Chamber of Commerce will focus on developing commercial platforms for Huizhou merchants in Shenzhen, such as development funds and investment holding companies, strengthening the construction of the Chamber of Commerce itself, and enhancing the visibility and influence of Huizhou merchants in Shenzhen and the whole country.


The Picture Shows Dongri Environmental Protection Won The "2018 Excellent Enterprise Award" Medal

   And research and development, environmental protection has made national practical patent 17, its main product "Integration Of Small Town Sewage Treatment Device" sewage treatment system is small investment, low energy consumption, low operating cost, and easy installation, short construction period, strong adaptability of sewage water quality, water quantity, higher efficiency, more than 60 areas in the country to establish the cooperation mechanism, sold more than a dozen provinces and municipalities, as hundreds of villages and towns that polluted the environment restoration and improvement has played a key role.Dongri environmental protection as a "high-tech enterprise", "China Environmental Protection Backbone Enterprise", "AAA" Level Enterprise, "Abide By The Contract And Honor The Credit" enterprise, quite the audience multimedia, experts favor and attention. 

    A successful enterprise should not only occupy the highland in the market, but also make achievements in social responsibility and social responsibility. It should not only aim at improving the natural environment of various places, but also devote itself to public welfare and charity. Since its establishment, the environmental protection company has been focusing on urban and rural sewage treatment and creating a new rural environment. In pursuit of business benefits, it has also raised and implemented the charity "Double Hundred Plan" and the "321 Project" for talents. It has fulfilled the social responsibility of an excellent enterprise "Blue Sky And White Clouds, Green Hills And Green Water", and won the unanimous praise from all sectors of society.

    This time won the "2018 Outstanding Enterprise Award", dongri environmental protection deservedly.In the future, dong-japan environmental protection will continue to inherit the "hui camel spirit" and realize the strategic goal of dong-japan environmental protection as soon as possible.