Warm congratulations to dongri environmental protection through environmental protection product certification

The DR series integrated sewage processor independently developed and produced by dongri environmental protection group has been certified as an environmental protection product by CCEP and published in the first issue of environmental protection magazine in 2019.

The certification of environmental protection products is recognized by zhonghou association (Beijing) certification center. According to the certification mode of "product inspection + factory (on-site) inspection + post-certification supervision", strict national certification system is implemented to carry out the certification of environmental protection products, which is professional and authoritative.

In 2018, 17 CCEP environmental protection product certification certificates were obtained for other types of equipment in guangdong province, which is of great significance to dongri environmental protection.

This certification indicates that in the process of establishing and improving the standard system of environmental protection products and the inspection system of environmental protection products, dongri environmental protection can ensure the production of qualified products.

This certification is a reflection of dong-japan environmental protection's continuous summarization of international and domestic advanced management theories and practical experience, in strengthening the systematization and institutionalization of environmental protection, realizing energy-saving management, giving full play to technological advantages and equipment advantages, and maintaining improvement and enhancing competitive strength. 
This certification has enhanced customers' trust in dong-ri environmental protection, which is conducive to effectively improving customer satisfaction, helping dong-ri environmental protection to expand business, and taking dong-ri environmental protection to a new level.


Other Equipment of Guangdong Province Passed CCEP Certification List in 2018