Dongri environmental protection 2018 annual report


Guangdong dongri environmental protection co., LTD

The anual report

The company's 2018 operating income was 11,033,300 yuan, up 122.50% compared with 58,00.26 yuan in the same period of last year.Net profit was RMB 13,419,900 yuan, up 175.53% from RMB 4,876,600 yuan in the same period last year.The total assets were 95,089,600 yuan, up 70.42% from 55,797,400 yuan at the beginning of the year.Its net asset value was 36.214,300 yuan, an increase of 58.87% over 2,279.45 yuan at the beginning of the year.The company's overall business situation continues to develop, the company's future development momentum is good.

Company development strategy

Under the background of national favorable environmental protection policy promotion, the company will adhere to market-oriented, science and technology as the support, to be honest and trustworthy as the fundamental principle, constantly improve technical strength, to provide customers with the best sewage treatment products and services.

The company will improve its management system by increasing r&d investment, enriching marketing promotion methods and strengthening marketing efforts, and build differentiated competitive advantages through clear product market positioning, stable marketing channels and unique and efficient sales management system.Spread the concept of environmental protection with practical actions, and achieve both social benefits and enterprise benefits.

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Dongji environmental protection annual report 2018 has been released to the public in Chinese electronic version. You may download the electronic version on, the information disclosure website designated by the national sme share transfer system.