Dongri environmental protection is actively involved in the third division project of xinjiang production and construction corps

The investment environment promotion meeting and project signing ceremony of the third division of xinjiang production and construction corps was held in dongguan on the afternoon of December 15. More than 300 entrepreneurs from dongguan, foshan, zhongshan and other cities as well as enterprises affiliated to the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the province attended the promotion meeting.Dongri environmental protection chairman yuan jiang was invited to attend the meeting.

Corps of business bureau deputy director hsin-min wang, the third party committee standing committee member and deputy commander, dongguan xinjiang team captain Liang Jiezhao, third party committee standing committee member and deputy teachers SheRuiYuan, dongguan city government deputy secretary-general Lu Hanbiao and hair change bureau in dongguan, commerce bureau, bureau of industry and relevant units such as leadership, association and enterprise representatives, and participate in town dongguan unity to support 17 evaluated integratedly investment promotion department is responsible for the comrades attended the meeting.


The third division USES its advantages skillfully to promote development

The third division is located in the core area of national "One Belt And One Road" construction. It has the geographical advantage of "five ports connecting eight countries and connecting Eurasia all the way".The state has given xinjiang and the XPCC a series of preferential policies in terms of industry access, enterprise income tax exemption and reduction, and import and export subsidies.At the same time, the third division has its own unique system advantages, resource advantages and environmental advantages, the third division has become the cost of industrial development "depression" and policy highland, with the majority of enterprises and merchants to further strengthen the good conditions for cooperation.


(second from left) fang zhiquan, secretary of economic development bureau of the 41st regiment of the third division (cadre of dongguan supporting xinjiang).(second from right) qi yong, deputy director of the business bureau of the third division.(the first right) dongri environmental protection chairman yuan jiang.(first left) dong baochun, senior engineer of dongri environmental protection xinjiang office

Dongri environmental protection actively to take part in xinjiang development opportunities

Under the strong support of dongguan municipal party committee and government, and under the specific guidance of the municipal assistance working group for Tibet, dongji environmental protection group was honored to participate in the construction of supporting projects of the third division of xinjiang production and construction corps by virtue of its excellent technical strength, and achieved both economic and social benefits.In the future, dongri environmental protection will, as always, give full play to the company's core advantages of environmental protection sewage treatment, turn each project into a high-quality project, and bring dongri environmental protection signboard to all parts of the country.