Winning the bidding information service platform (dongri environmental protection information service platform), winning the sewage treatment plant and other projects in the north area of jiangdong new industrial park, heyuan city

Recently, dongji environmental protection company won the bid for the first stage BOT project of jiangdong new district industrial park north sewage treatment plant.After the evaluation of the bid evaluation committee and the confirmation of the purchasing unit, the joint venture between toray environmental protection and xiamen anneng construction co., ltd. stood out and won the bid.

The successful bid and I division in the commonwealth of inseparable role.By virtue of its comprehensive advantages in the comprehensive treatment of water environment, dongri environmental protection has conducted a full field investigation and investigation on the sewage that needs to be treated in the project. Taking sewage treatment as the main treatment goal and integrating the characteristics of the project, dongri environmental protection has provided services for the whole process of project planning, feasibility study, preliminary design, construction, operation and maintenance.The scale of the first stage sewage treatment plant is 10,000 tons/day.The construction fee of the project is five thousand one hundred and eighty-six thousand five hundred and fifty-three yuan and sixty-eight fen, and the construction period is one year.The operation cost of the project is estimated to be about 10 million yuan, which will be settled by the actual amount and operate for three years.

Dong-ri environmental protection has deeply cultivated the environmental protection market and formed its own mature technical system in the "3+1" business field, which is the guarantee of dong-ri environmental protection's continuous success.Dongli environmental protection has recently won the bid to purchase integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment in wangyao village, jinxiang town, lufeng city. The project amount is one million one hundred and eighty thousand yuan and thirty cents.Winning the bid of the integrated equipment project of shuntai chemical residential sewage treatment project, the bid amount is five hundred and thirty thousand yuan and eighty fen.

The winning bid of dong-ri environmental protection co., ltd. will help to improve the company's business performance, and help dong-ri environmental protection co., ltd. to achieve its strategic goals as soon as possible.Dongri environmental protection will, as always, focus on the field of water environment management, make deep cultivation and continuous polishing, and make a contribution to the motherland's green water and mountains.