Shen qiang, deputy director of the standing committee of anhui provincial people's congress and party secretary of huainan city, anhui province Inspected the sewage treatment project of huainan badong mountain in Dongri

On the morning of June 11th, shen qiang, deputy director of the standing committee of anhui provincial people's congress and secretary of huainan municipal party committee of anhui province, inspected our company's sewage treatment project in badong mountain, huainan, and praised our company's sewage treatment equipment, urged our company to speed up the construction period and solve the problem of domestic sewage discharge in shuntai chemical community as soon as possible.

Badong mountain is a famous historical and cultural mountain. Over 1600 years ago, there was a military spectacle, "battle of feishui".Over 2000 years ago, liu an, the king of huainan, recruited talents here and compiled huainan zi, the most famous book in the world.The project site of our company is located in shuntai chemical industry district, badong mountain district, huainan city, anhui province, which mainly deals with daily domestic sewage.

Shuntai chemical community downstream with rushan reservoir, reservoir is mainly used for irrigation, water supply, fish farming.Before sewage treatment, the domestic sewage of the residents of shuntai chemical district was discharged directly without treatment, and the untreated domestic sewage made the water quality of the reservoir worse, which was not conducive to breeding.After our sewage equipment is started, domestic sewage can be directly discharged after treatment, and the discharge standard reaches the GB/ t18918-2002 level A standard of urban sewage treatment plant, so reservoir farmers can rest assured to raise fish.


  • The picture shows secretary shen qiang leading the team into the project construction site


The picture shows the equipment diagram independently developed and produced by our company. Secretary shen qiang gives instructions in front of the equipment


  • The picture shows secretary shen qiang standing on the fence to hear the work report

Shen qiang, secretary of a line to project construction site, carefully inspect project construction, equipment lifting, and so on and so forth, he stressed that to keep in mind that "green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan" ecological civilization concept, build the good social atmosphere of everyone take good care of the ecological environment, protect the ecological environment into the conscious action of people, to strive to improve the living environment, together to protect the blue sky blue water pure land, promoting the development of huainan green contribution, let huainan sky bluer, the water cleaner, greener, my home more beautiful!

The instructions of secretary shen qiang are highly consistent with our environmental protection concept.Our company follows the general trend of policy, grasps the market opportunity, firmly establishes the ecology first, the green development idea, creates the better life diligently.