Dong-ri environmental protection was invited to participate in the provincial pollution prevention and control exchange meeting

From June 10 to 16, 2019, a matchmaking meeting on technology, equipment and services for combating pollution in guangdong province (hereinafter referred to as "matchmaking meeting") was held at guangdong modern international expo center.Dongri environmental protection was invited to attend the meeting.

The fields by the environmental development center of ecological environment, the ecological environment agency, science and technology department of guangdong province and guangdong province agriculture and rural areas hall, housing and construction department of guangdong province, dongguan city people's government hosted, mainly focus on agriculture and rural areas pollution treatment new technology, new equipment and new model, for the government and enterprises in the technology and equipment, operation service provides a docking platform, supply and demand aspects, such as for cohesion play won the provincial rural pollution control to be completed to provide technology support.Vice governor zhang guangjun attended the event and delivered a speech, mayor xiao yafei, vice mayor yu lijun and other city leaders accompanied the visit.Dongri environmental protection chairman yuan jiang attended the meeting as a participant.


The exhibition scene

This matchmaking meeting attracted leading state-owned enterprises and powerful listed enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Guangdong cities also actively organized groups to participate in the exhibition. Guangzhou, shenzhen, zhaoqing, shantou and other cities sent powerful enterprises to participate in the exhibition.Dongri environmental protection station is at a higher starting point, preparing for the battle of pollution prevention and control in guangdong province with industry giants.


Chairman yuan jiang (first from the right) accompanied the leaders zhang guangjun (second from the left), xiao yafei (second from the right) to visit

Zhang guangjun, vice governor, said in his speech that governments at all levels and relevant departments should adhere to the problem-oriented approach, speed up the formulation of supporting policies and measures, establish and improve the incentive mechanism and supervision, punishment and prevention system for rural pollution control, strengthen technical guidance and promotion, and effectively enhance the province's ability to prevent and control agricultural and rural pollution.We need to strengthen the role of scientific and technological innovation, promote a number of new technologies, equipment, processes and materials, and develop technologies, equipment and services for controlling pollution from non-point sources, such as rural sewage and pollution from livestock and poultry farming, which are mature, affordable, easy to maintain and durable, so as to further consolidate and improve the effectiveness of pollution control.We need to strengthen technological research and development and foster innovation players, strengthen fiscal and tax policy support, actively connect cutting-edge and advanced international technologies, introduce and incubate a number of scientific and technological innovation players, and foster and strengthen a number of leading enterprises in the industry.We need to strengthen collaborative innovation, energize innovation elements such as talent, technology, capital, information and services, and achieve greater synergy.We need to establish a system of joint meetings, share information and resources, and pool efforts to win the battle against rural pollution.


Mayor xiao yafei toured the museum and listened to the work report

Xiao yafei, the mayor of the museum, stressed that to do a good job, you must first sharpen its tools.Pollution control is a scientific and systematic project, which cannot be separated from the powerful support of advanced technology, equipment and services.This exhibition provides a good platform for us to learn, discuss and introduce advanced pollution control technologies, equipment and services.He believes the exchanges will help local governments improve pollution control.


Yuezhou President of provincial environmental protection association visited our booth

Dongri environmental protection, founded in 2003, focused on "3 + 1" business, namely, municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, integration of river ecological restoration management and standard of environmental protection equipment research and development and production, business areas cover network of on-site sewage treatment area, the villages and towns centralized sewage treatment in rural areas, river comprehensive treatment and ecological restoration, industrial wastewater treatment, and the integration of sales, and other fields.As a listed enterprise on the new third board of dongguan in 2017 and successfully included in the pilot list of the 2018 doubling plan of dongcheng street, the main purpose of dongji environmental protection exhibition is peer communication and enterprise brand image display.The ccpit preparing, send personnel to convention and exhibition services continuously, outside the comprehensive display our comprehensive strength, the anticipation for the county (area, city) government to provide services, and the environmental protection enterprises to explore technology, equipment, services, in order to realize China's "green water, green hill" exert the power of the environmental protection enterprise, to win the pollution control to be completed, the construction of a large bay area of guangdong international urban agglomeration.