Participate in the high-end seminar of science and technology innovation board

On June 20th, dongguan branch of China merchants bank, dongguan securities, zhitong accounting firm and Beijing deheng law firm jointly held a high-end seminar with the theme of "new opportunities and challenges in dongguan".


Photo shows the seminar site


The picture shows dongri environmental protection board yuan jiang at the scene for an interview


The picture shows the east Japan environmental protection conference representative group photo

With the official opening of Shanghai stock exchange technology and innovation board on June 13, China's capital market ushered in a brand new board.The establishment of the science and innovation board and the pilot registration system is the basic institutional arrangement for deepening the reform and opening up of the capital market.

Environmental protection and energy conservation industry is one of the key industries recommended by sci-tech innovation board. Sci-tech innovation board can help the development of environmental protection industry at multiple levels.Among them, the most important is that sci-tech innovation board can effectively enhance the inclusiveness of the capital market to science and technology innovation enterprises, and focus on supporting the innovation of key and core technologies, which is one of the main problems facing the development of the environmental protection industry.

At present, dongri environmental protection has increased the scientific and technological innovation and research and development in the water environment treatment subdivision field.At the same time, constantly improve the internal control mechanism, carry out risk assessment, the company's internal and external coordination, pace unity, promote the improvement of the overall comprehensive strength.As a new thing, many enterprises are holding a wait-and-see attitude. With the gradual lifting of the veil of mystery, the broad development prospects and advantages of the board will gradually emerge.Dongri environmental protection will wait and see with you.